WITCH | s/t
Former Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis moved on to drums and joined forces with Dave Sweet and two members of the New England avant-folk outfit Feathers. These four guys recorded one of the greatest blues tinged rock albums I've heard for a long time. Since I've heard two songs on their Tee Pee Records website I was addicted to their sound. When I was finally holding this great peace of music in my hand I couldn't wait to put it into my player where it sticks for weeks now. They open with "Seer" and its sawing melodic riffing and spare but driving drumming of Mascis. At first I really had to get used to the frail singing style but after a few listenings it seems to be the perfect combination of bluesy southern rock guitar work, driving drumming and those vocals. The short guitar solo at the middle of the track has a big 70ies rock touch. With almost 8 minutes the longest and one of the greatest tracks on this album! "Soul Of Fire" starts with some noisy pieces and experimental guitars until they continue with straight rock, the song is much faster than the opener and offers 70ies rock 'n' roll with a southern edge. The duelling guitar playing at the end of the track shows the class of these guys, extraordinary musicians. On "Black Saint" they stepped on the breaks again and offer sweet rock but the best of the song are the last 1 1/2 minutes due to the outstanding guitar playing. I can't compare this with any band I've heard yet, Witch do have a very own sound with a dirty touch although their playing is absolutely clean. "Changing" also opens with those distinctive guitar riffs and sparse drum use until they rock ahead after 50 seconds. They continue with "Rip Van Winkle" which was also available on their debut 7" whereat this one is a slightly different version but it's still dominated by the fuzzing guitar solos they throw in over and over again. This is a great combination of fast guitar driven pieces and slow downed vocal pieces. "Hand Of Glory" is definitely the noisiest track of the album starting with 1 minute of dissonant sounds until they add more melodies through continuous guitar riffs. Last but not least they offer "Isadora" an acoustic song with sparse drum use and frail vocals. At the middle of the song they also added a few e-guitar solos in the background. After 3 1/2 minutes they even break out with some rock. At all this is just a great album with fuzzy 70ies guitar riffing and the band's own blend of rock.
marcel - 25/09/2006
Witch - s/t
01. Seer
02. Soul Of Fire
03. Black Saint
04. Changing
05. Rip Van Winkle
06. Hand Of Glory
07. Isadora
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