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Since their EP "A Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare" I haven't heard anything by Scissorfight and honestly I don't remember this EP very much but it wasn't a good idea to neglect this band because with this new album they belong to the forefront of hard/stoner rock bands. I can only refer to the EP I mentioned before and the vocals of Scissorfight significantly changed. The opener "Dynamite" opens with crunching guitar riffing and clean shouting - pretty usual - until the vocalist offers rough spoken word pieces. I can't compare this to any other vocalist I've heard before. After some songs I really started to like these unusual kind of vocals, of course also through Scissorfight's extraordinary instrumental attack. "Victory Over Horseshit" kicks ass with a driving rhythm section and raging guitar riffs and the vocalist offers serious shouting. The track has a big grooving rock touch but they always step on the accelerator. Also the follower "The Dredge" opens with sawing riffs repeating at the whole song with a mid-tempo pace. To be honest I love this album already after three songs, southern rock meets groove meets hard rock meets hardcore. "86 Sucker" is a true old-styled hard rock song with background choirs, playfully guitars and 70ies tinged percussion work. At "Backwoods" finally the aforementioned vocal style returns paired with grooving rock. You shouldn't miss the sweet guitar "solo" at the middle of the song. "Fang" is Scissorfight's prove that instrumental rock can be one of the most thrilling styles in music. Catchy guitars and punishing drums team up for three minutes instrumental destruction. "Appalachian Chain" sounds like a country/whatever rock song featuring a banjo, I think. On "Funhouse Skull" they step on the accelerator again with straight rock while "Mange" contains cutting guitar riffs and clean shouted vocals. They use these riffs from the beginning over and over again. Amazing playfully guitars until they continue with hammering rock riffs again while the beating bass drives the whole song. Last but not least I recommend the following song "Metal Mother" with its driving groove attack of continues guitar riffing.
marcel - 08/09/2006
Scissorfight - Jaggernaut
01. Dynamite
02. Victory Over Horsesh..
03. The Dredge
04. 86 Sucker
05. Backwoods
06. Fang
07. Appalachian Chain
08. Funhouse Skill
09. Mange
10. Digging Grave
11. Metal Mother
12. Jaggernaut
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