THE ACCüSED | oh martha!
The Accüsed have always been a band I wanted to check out but never actually made it and "Oh Martha!" at least the opener "Martha Will" prove that The Accüsed are one of the better thrash bands around. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to really enjoy this album because Nuclear Blast Records decided to split every song into 15 pieces. It's just annoying when a song is interrupted every 20 seconds. This CD proved that it's time for a promo policy you can now find on our contact site. And also the reason why I won't continue reviewing this record, don't get me wrong "Oh Martha!" seems to be a great record including some of the finest thrash pieces but Nuclear Blast Records made it impossible for me to review this CD. Getting pissed of every 20 seconds makes me angry and even if we are just CD reviewers I think we deserve a full CD at least the normal music that everyone gets. If "big" labels doesn't get it we stop reviewing the shit. This was the last "songs-splitted-into-15-or-more-tracks" CD I've put into my player. Contrary to this promo CD which only contains 14 tracks the original CD release seems to feature 28! So you should try to get the proper release it seems to be good...
marcel - 01/09/2006
The Accüsed - Oh Martha!
01. Martha Will
02. Fueled By Hate
03. Crappassreality
04. Fast Zombies Rule
05. Dying On The Vine
06. Hooker Fortified Por..
07. Life Kills On
08. Nes
09. Filth Hounds Of Hade..
10. Stay Dead
11. Scream And Die
12. Of The Body
13. 13 Letters
14. Have You Never Been ..
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