MUNICIPAL WASTE | waste 'em all
Due to the lack of good new records I started to review some hardcore classics and although Municipal Waste's debut album was just released 2003 you can already call it a classic in thrashing hardcore. "Waste 'Em All" is a lot angrier than the follower "Hazardous Mutation" and they start of with the Instrumental introduction "The Executioner" which already presents some sweet thrash. After a little more than minute finally also Tony Foresto joins the fold with his pissed vocals at "Sweet Attack". It's a quite slow downed track, the band fully steps on the accelarator at the end of the song and immediately continue with the raging trash anthem "Mutants of War" that also has a short break and sweet background choirs. Generally this is a pretty fast album and most of the songs clock under or around the one-minute mark. Just like "Knife Fight" that has some sweet melodic guitar hints within the 50 seconds. The shortest track with 11 seconds "Death Prank" offers short fast paced hardcore punk while the follower "Substitute Creature" starts with laid back mid-tempo punk that they over and over interrupt with short fast thrash pieces. This is just an amazing thrash festival mostly offering unholy fast paced music with raging riffs but now and then they also slow down and throw in some melodic guitar leads. But like at "Toxic Revolution" they are just about to thrash and the mid-tempo music at the end combined with the massive background choirs is just a class of its own. To describe their main lyrical theme I just need to mention the song "I Want To Kill The President" which says anything about the political stance although "Waste 'Em All" is also about beer-drinking and thrash, of course! 17 minutes of non-stop hits but some favourites of mine are "Blood Hunger" or the grooving "Jock Pit". If you like thrash you'll love Municipal Waste! Last but not least check out "The Kite Song" and guess who it is...
marcel - 01/09/2006
Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All
01. The Executioner (Int..
02. Sweet Attack
03. Mutants Of War
04. Knife Fight
05. Drunk As Shit
06. Death Prank
07. Substitute Creature
08. Waste 'Em All
09. Toxic Revolution
10. I Want To Kill The P..
11. Thrash? Don't Mind I..
12. Dropped Out
13. Blood Hunger
14. Jock Pit
15. The Mountain Wizard
16. The Kite Song
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