HEAVEN SHALL BURN | deaf to our prayers
Finally the next album by the Germany's almighty metalcore machine, although I didn't like their previous album and Century Media Records debut "Antigone" like the even older stuff I was still looking forward to listen to "Deaf To Our Prayers". Already with the opening track "Counterweight" they return to old glory and offer a mixture of "Whatever It May Take" tunes with a slight "Antigone" touch. Melodic riffing and punishing drums are driving this fast forward death metal fuelled song, after 30 seconds they already slow down but they soon increase the speed again for a brutal fistful of metal. With "Trespassing the Shores of Our World" they continue this heavy attack with another ferocious start until they now and then throw in some pummelling breakdowns. "Profane Believers" offers a lot of harmonic pieces forced by melodic guitar riffing but it's still not a Caliban song, instead Heaven Shall Burn know how to combine sweet melodies with their shattering brutality they are known for. If you really like melodic death metal I can recommend "Stay The Course" which definitely reminds me of At The Gates or old In Flames, fast and mid-tempo melodic metal meets a monstrous groove. Although "Final March" starts with slow downed melodies and I already thought they offer a lame track they start their attack after 25 seconds with fast forward destruction. At the end of the follower "Of No Avail" they really slow down with sparse instrumental use and guitar solos. The song "Armia" continues where "Of No Avail" left off with slow downed melodies while Markus screams his lungs out but they also added some heavily grooving parts! I guess you all know what "Mybestfriend.com" is about so Heaven Shall Burn lyrically also show the metalcore world who's the king in the ring. Luckily they often increase the speed again, contrary to the previous songs, they added fast pieces and sweet groove with down moshing riffs! With "Biogenesis (Undo Creation)" they continue with their classical sound we know from "Whatever It May Take" while at this song they added even more aggression, short paced blasts meet a generally fast drive. These short speed up pieces are the reason why this became my favourite song from "Deaf To Our Prayers". "Dying In Silence" opens with electronically sounds while the last track "The Greatest Gift Of God" starts with massive background choirs. At least I can say "Deaf To Our Prayers" contains a lot of harmonies but also returns with some "older" HSB tunes, the right mixture of harmonies and shattering brutality.
marcel - 26/08/2006
Heaven Shall Burn - Deaf To Our Prayers
01. Counterweight
02. Trespassing The Shor..
03. Profane Believers
04. Stay The Course
05. The Final March
06. Of No Avail
07. Armia
08. Mybestfriend.com
09. Biogenesis (undo Cre..
10. Dying In Silence
11. The Greatest Gift Of..
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