LIAR | invictus (reissue)
I really didn't know that Genet Records revamped Liar's legendary record "Invictus", the more lucky I was to find this fine re-release including the normal CD as well as an DVD in my mailbox. Liar still belong to the forefront of European metalcore and together with Congress they were the forerunners of this whole movement and founder of H-8000 hardcore combining metal music with a hardcore message. "Invictus" was the second Liar album and originally released May 1997 and follow-up to the also legendary "Falls Of Torment". Beside the normal "Invictus" album this effort comes along with 15 bonus tracks featuring rare studio and live songs. Furthermore Genet added a DVD featuring live shows from 1996 and 1997 including the original "Invictus" release show! What might be "Firestorm" for the US hardcore scene was the track "New Born Fire" for the European scene and is also the opener of this record. Straight metallic hardcore with edge-cutting guitars and Hans' significant shouts and screams, a truly genius track featuring all you need, fast paced metal as well as hammering breakdowns not to forget the last lyric line every kid was able to scream 1997... "New Born Fire, New Born Fire, New Born Fire, Rise And Shine". But let's come to the bonus tracks (anyone should know the regular album), the first bonus track is the SS Decontrol cover song "Teach Me Violence" which lasts for only 38 seconds until they continue with "Grave" (originally appeared on a split 7" with Family Dog) and "Circle Of Blood" from the "Animal Truth" compilation. The next 12 songs were recorded live at Ieperfest 1997, remastered at Electric City and feature the best of Liar including the tracks "New Born Fire", "Invictus" or "Battlecries", 35 minutes of Liar live action with good quality. The DVD contains 14 live tracks all recorded back in 1996 / 1997, what I had to get used to was the switching of live shows between the songs. Of course the material hasn't the best quality, but hey this was 1996 and DIY hardcore. It's just amazing to see Liar performing a track like "Battlecries" and seeing the kids freaking out. At all an absolutely worthy re-release of this classic.
marcel - 26/08/2006
Liar - Invictus (Reissue)
01. New Born Fire
02. Steel Against Steel
03. Falls Of Torment
04. Circle Of Blood
05. Deathwish
06. Natural Order
07. Whispers Of Damnatio..
08. 2000 A.D.
09. Disarmed Blade
10. Invictus
11. FX7
12. Teach Me Violence
13. Grave
14. Circle Of Blood
15. New Born Fire (Live)
16. Battlecries (Live)
17. Steel Against Steel ..
18. Shatter (Live)
19. Natural Order (Live)
20. Stormwind (Live)
21. Falls Of Torment (Li..
22. Circle Of Blood (Liv..
23. 2000 A.D. (Live)
24. Invictus (Live)
25. Sleepless (Live)
26. Blade (Live)
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