BORROWED TIME | no escape from this life
This is the second release i got to review from Reaper Records. Borrowed Time´s "No Escape From This Life" is a merciless piece of hardcore. They weren´t out for the re-invention of the wheel they just combine everything they like to an aggressive blend of hardcore. Obviously the usual NYHC suspects like the Cro-Mags, Madball plus some metal and crossover influences had an impact on the songwriting. Their singer has this tough guy styled voice and that´s why you could falsely file them under yet another boring mosh band but that wouldn´t do them justice. I´m usually not too much into this kind of style but they mix alot of influences and that´s why this record never gets boring. Oh yes and I think it has the best "selling points" I´ve ever read in a promo sheet. "IT´S HARD & LOUD" and that is definitely true. The whole record is rather midtempo styled. The aggressivity is created through the guitar riffs and the rough voice of Aidan. Only from time to time they step on the accelerator and throw in these kind of riffs that you know from Machinehead or Biohazard plus some crossover soli as well. Oh and before I forget it on the drums there´s Corey Koniz who was playing drums for Santa Sangre and Freya. The more I listen to this record the better it gets and the more you discover. Fuck, this record is awesome. If you like any of the bands up there or have the slightest interest in tougher hardcore get this record.
lb - 19/08/2006
Borrowed Time - No Escape From This Life
01. Always Been A Loser
02. Could Have Been Stro..
03. Painful Twist
04. Scene King
05. Paid In Pain
06. Bitter Game
07. How It Should Be
08. Filth
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