BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON | foreign object
Black Sheep Squadron's "Foreign Object" is like a jump in the past. This band carries a raw and aggressive energy and i really dig this fast and pissed off madness that they deliver in these 12 songs. BSS are from Syracuse, NY and besides this EP they released a split 7" with Raining Bricks and a self titled 7". "Foreign Object" was released by Reaper Records a small label which is run by Patrick Kitzel who was singing for True Blue and D.J. Rose who's singing for The Path Of Resistance. This record mixes early 80ies hardcore with punk influences like Dead Kennedies, especially the beginning of the 7th song "More Pain" reminded me alot of "Holiday In Cambodia" but they don't keep it that way and just shred through the rest of the song as fast as they can. The BSS Wyld Punx as they call themselves never make the slow go and that's what i like so much about that record. As the promo sheet says that their only goal is to remind the world that hardcore is supposed to be the rawest, most honest form of punk. And that's what they do. Their lyrics deal with their anger, come straight to the point and just say how and what they feel. Besides raging fast hardcore I also heard references to street punk bands like in the sixth song "Papers Please" which sounded like one of those songs from the Dropkick Murphys but way cooler. This record is for everyone who has a soft spot for raw, fast and pissed off hardcore.
lb - 01/08/2006
Black Sheep Squadron - Foreign Object
01. Quick Fix
02. Berserk
03. Bonehead
04. Have Some Self Respe..
05. Underdogs
06. Papers Please
07. More Pain
08. Rejects
09. I'll Never Get It
10. Assault City Hardcor..
11. I Want Out
12. Better You Than Me
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