Sometimes you hear of bands and don't have any kind of expectations. I just put November Coming Fire's new album "Dungeness" in my stereo and i was just amazed what i got to listen to. This band manages to bridge alot of gaps and melt together their influences and creativity to something unique. At the moment I think many bands are attracted to the sea theme, like Mastodon with "Leviathan". But for November Coming Fire this attraction towards the sea just fits perfect. This band transports some kind of mood that i connect with being at the sea in stormy weather. Already the first tunes of the first song "Blue Reigns" raise emotions of despair and melancholy in me and somehow this is again one of those many great records i got ahold of in the last time. November Coming Fire are extremely good at bringing something unique into being. "Argonaut" is one of my favourite songs as it creates an intense atmosphere that makes you feel the music. The tension that is raised in this song starting with a rather dampened riff that is dominated by a simple drum pattern and then suddenly bursting out when the singer seems almost losing his voice because it sounds so hoarse. After these riffs they just play heavy rock riffs that finally end the song. And almost every song on this record has so many turns without sounding constructed that it felt really good just keep on listening to these songs again and again. I mean if you have a short attention span and are only waiting for the singalongs you should go looking for something else but those that are interested in something unpredictable should get this record.
lb - 01/08/2006
November Coming Fire - Dungeness
01. Blue Reigns
02. Powerstation
03. Devil On The Shore
04. The Jackal
05. HMS Blackwater
06. That Black House Mad..
07. Argonaut
08. Instrumental No.2
09. Providence
10. Mascot
11. Queenliest Dead
12. Closure
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