JAPANISCHE KAMPFHOERSPIELE | hardcore aus der ersten welt
Hardcore's sickest bastards with their second effort on the German Bastardized Recordings! Just for the title an oustanding release, it means "Hardcore from the first world" and although the first track starts with harmless tunes they don't hesitate to start the real destruction after 40 seconds, they start with mid-tempo and sludgy mosh tunes and sudden breaks till they finally start the annihilation with blistering grindcore the way it was meant to be! I mean grindcore started so long ago and arose from the punk scene and these guys take it back to their roots and mix it up with punk nihilism, hardcore mosh and metal tunes to an extraordinary grinding attack. In Germany (or even in the whole world) I don't know any other band that can keep of with the grinding ferocity of Japanische Kampfhörspiele! As well I never heard a grindcore band with German vocals, well I can't understand them anyway because the vocal assault ranges from deathgrunts to high-pitched screams! No other German band that arose from the hardcore scene is breaking the boundaries like no other, I can remember bands like Acme that create a whole new style and JAKA are on the same level, musically they are totally different but they are as innovative! Every fucking song on this album is pure destroying innovation, several sudden breaks or tempo changes within a few seconds, blasting death metal, acid grindcore, brutal hardcore, they mix it all to one hammering unit! Before they drown in total sickness they here and there slow down with sludgy pieces and wall of guitars. You could be lucky when you're German and able to read their lyrics, my favourite are the lyrics of "Koscher". Lyrically and musically JAKA is unique in this dying world and the best you can get in extreme music and to their extraordinary musical abilities they added a powerful production! If the recent Dillinger Escape Plan record was to lame for you, try the furious and evil attack straight out of Germany...
marcel - 28/11/2004
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele - Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt
01. Verpackt in Plastik
02. Zimmer 2.407b
03. Abflussbestattung
04. Es lernt sich von se..
05. Wir werden Gott
06. Du warst mein Ritali..
07. 8.0
08. Das Gift ist da
09. Koscher
10. Im Schlafanzug zu Pl..
11. Chemie
12. Zieh die Jacke falsc..
13. Was meinst du?
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