Definitely cool shit! Insane grindcore, metal, hardcore & experimental mixture from Germany. Yeah never thought that these could be real but Germany still offer some great and innovative metal-alike music and Japanische Kampfhörspiele are the surprise of 2003! I heard some stuff of them in the past but I can hardly remember but I don't care because with this seven songs they play in the first league of German's extremes! The only bands I know that offer as crazy tempo-changes and an overwhelming mixture of different styles are The Red Chord or Circle Of Dead Children! The first song is a straight death metal smasher with grinding parts, neck-breaking grooves and brutal in-your-face deathgrind! And what's even better is the vocal-battle between deep shouted/grunted and high-pitched screamings. Shit, the second track rocks even more with mid-tempo brutal death which is interrupted by weird speed changes and awesome black metallic sounding guitars! These guys really kick ass with unholy metal sounds, devastating grind and the outstanding vocal-work that has a charming metal & punk touch! And over and over again they throw in crazy tempo-changes of staccato parts, hellish fast metal and even calm breaks! The sixth track is an instrumental track full of electronically noises...drum 'n' bass alike! The last track is a little bit weird because it's the first song just without vocals and also a hidden track of electronically baubles! If you like innovative grindcore/metal you should take JAKA!
marcel - 24/09/2003
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele - Fertigmensch
01. Alle wollen gut auss..
02. ScheiÃ?e, der Lehre..
03. Amokschlaf
04. Fan von gar nichts
05. Verbrennt Euer Geld
06. Fertigmensch
07. Alle wollen gut auss..
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