Here we go with the first output of Silentstagnation Records this year. It's the infamous grind punk dudes from Japanische Kampfhoerspiele teaming up with the guys from Poostew that just recently signed to Silentstagnation Records. This limited MCD comes in a slim cardboard digipack like package and looks really neat and is something different from standard digipacks. The title of the split is rather Jaka styled, the translation of "Heirat aus Hass, Scheidung aus Spass" means "marriage because of hate, divorce for fun" and in that vein are also the songtitles of Jaka. The songs for the split were mastered by Jacob Bredahl from Hatesphere. Poostew open the split and start their 5 songs with a short sample intro that finishes with a shot and then they begin thrashing through their part. Basically their drummer never stops blasting, Chris is constantly screaming and growling and their guitar player is adding the necessary wall of sound to complete everything. Compared to their last full length "Struggle" I like the new songs much more, somehow I think they've developed their sound a little bit more. These new songs also are much more brutal and aggressive and I have to say I really like what they're doing here. Jaka are offering their crazy mixture of metal riffs, sung and growled german lyrics and Chris Kather's heavy drumming, with their typical chaotic breaks, some thrown in samples like e.g. an alarm clock and stuff like that. Their songwriting is really mature and even though it's loads of breaks and interludes the songs are very well written. Jaka are also releasing a split 7" on Relapse this summer. But also Poostew are going to release their full length this summer with Silentstagnation so luckily there's gonna be more of each band this year.
lb - 03/06/2006
Poostew / Japanische Kampfhoerspiele - Split
01. Poostew - Sea Of Cor..
02. Poostew - Turmoil
03. Poostew - Propaganda..
04. Poostew - You're The..
05. X
06. JaKa - Wo ist der In..
07. JaKa - Schwanzvergle..
08. JaKa - Verrückter..
09. JaKa - Hallo Kinder
10. JaKa - Diese Blackme..
11. JaKa - Egal
12. JaKa - Schlucker
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