JAPANISCHE KAMPFHOERSPIELE | deutschland von vorne
Finally something from Germany's finest, Japanische Kampfhörspiele this time come up with a complete cover album where they cover 8 songs of good ol' German musical heritage! This features songs orginally by Die Goldenen Zitronen, Fasaga, Extrabreit, Funny Van Dannen, Ea80, Tocotronic, Eisenvater and last but not least Trio, altogether German more or less underground legends. I haven't heard of such artists like Funny Van Dannen or Fasaga before but JaKa transform every song into a grindpunk smasher of their own. They open with Die Goldenen Zitronen's "Diese Menschen Sind (Halbwegs) Ehrlich", introduced by a short radio interlude they start with razorsharp guitars until they go on with mid-tempo grindish punk and after the chorus they speed up with short paced pieces and return with the recurring riffs from the beginning of the song. This track is followed by Fasaga's "Pogo In Der Stra�enbahn" with a lot twists and turns that range between their own grindpunk and death metal fueled interludes. Now we come to the song of the 'Neue Deutsche Welle' star Extrabreit called "Es Tickt" which starts which mid-tempo driving rock fueled metal, this is a really nice grooving track. On Funny Van Dannen's "Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik" they step on the accelerator again with driving deathgrind refined with the dual vocal attack of infernal grunts and high-pitched screams. This is for sure one of the best tracks since it's a pure punishing attack but it gets even better. The follower "Der Mord Fällt Aus" by Ea80 grooves ahead with mean hardrock tunes, really reminds me of bands like Nine. Brutal hardcore combined with rocking groove! What JaKa made of Tocotronic's "Ich Verabscheue Euch Wegen Eurer Kleinkunst Zutiefst" is a class of its own, they transformed progressive rock to double-bass driven grindpunk with electronically tunes. Now comes another of my absolute favourites Eisenvater's "Der Greuel", the first 3 1/2 minutes are a mixture of fast paced death metal and brutal moshing mid-tempo passages without any vocals, until both vocalist start their dual grunts and screams. Last but not least they offer a cover of Trio's "Kummer" which is a pure doom song, totally different from the rest but good! I didn't thought that this will turn out this great, awesome cover album!
marcel - 06/12/2005
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele - Deutschland Von Vorne
01. Diese Menschen sind ..
02. Pogo in der StraÃ?e..
03. Es tickt
04. Menschenverachtende ..
05. Der Mord fällt au..
06. Ich verabscheue euch..
07. Der Greuel
08. Kummer
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