Let's start with a short introduction. This is the first release of the new founded *silentstagnationrecords which is run by marcel and his wife leila. Therefore he asked me to write a review for his record to offer you a view of someone who is not directly affiliated with the label :) To all you non-german speakers Japanische Kampfhoerspiele literally translates to "japanese battle radio plays" and Das Krill is "the krill" which is the food of whales just to clear up any confusion. With this split JAKA erased another point on their band todo list which includes releasing a demo, an ep, a split single, a full length, a cover album and a live record. But here we go with the review. JAKA offer their own unique style called grindpunk and lyrically they're really a punk band. The first song "Wissenswertes" is a mid-tempo track with heavy metallic riffing and deep gruntvocals which give this song a even more brutal note. Basically the song is just one riff played all over again without getting boring which is accomplished by the additional high shreaks and the varied drumming of christof kather. As really short introduction for the next song "endorsed by mainstream" there's a short sample which is also taken as the first riff. The whole record has a lot of samples as interludes or in the background which were created by elektrokill which is a electronic music project by christof. This sound bits really add a lot to the uniqueness of the JAKA side and make you discover some small stuff even after a few times listening. What i also like about JAKA are their biting humor and the irony that they're embedding in their (german) lyrics. Now let's start with Das Krill. I have to admit i like the JAKA side a lot more than what Das Krill did on their part but the length of one 7" side for me is just perfect what they do. To describe it in a few words, this is chaotic music with loads of blast beats and high pitched screamer as well as mean low grunts. The production which i think was intended just the way it is now, lacks the heaviness of JAKA's music. Even though i don't like this chaotic stuff too much the fact that each of the songs is really short makes this still a really diversified listen especially because Das Krill add some samples as well. But i think this is still some really unique stuff because samples and music just fit good together. All in all this whole record is a really crazy listening experience which comes with a really cool cover layout, which was done by each band separately.
lb - 15/08/2005
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele / Das Krill - Split
01. Jaka / Wissenswertes
02. Jaka / Endorsed By M..
03. Jaka / Kommt Nicht W..
04. Jaka / Wissenswertes..
05. Krill / A New Chance..
06. Krill / The Bonobo W..
07. Krill / Puking Ticks..
08. Krill / Apocalypso N..
09. Krill / The Big Flib..
10. Krill / Sacrificial ..
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