The Accüsed - Oh Martha!
The Accüsed have always been a band I wanted to check out but never actually made it and "Oh Martha!" at least the opener "Martha Will" prove that The Accüsed are one of the better thrash bands around. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to... [read more]

Liar - Invictus (Reissue)
I really didn't know that Genet Records revamped Liar's legendary record "Invictus", the more lucky I was to find this fine re-release including the normal CD as well as an DVD in my mailbox. Liar still belong to the forefront of European metalcore... [read more]

Heaven Shall Burn - Deaf To Our Prayers
Finally the next album by the Germany's almighty metalcore machine, although I didn't like their previous album and Century Media Records debut "Antigone" like the even older stuff I was still looking forward to listen to "Deaf To Our Prayers".... [read more]

Borrowed Time - No Escape From This Life
This is the second release i got to review from Reaper Records. Borrowed Time´s "No Escape From This Life" is a merciless piece of hardcore. They weren´t out for the re-invention of the wheel they just combine everything they like to an... [read more]

Damnation A.D. - Kingdom Of Lost Souls
This is the review of what I would call a milestone. This record isn´t new for all you guys who have never heard of this band. It was released in 1998 and I have to tell you one thing in the first place to make everything clear. This record is... [read more]

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