Wafflehouse* - Olympia
After four years of their existing, a lot of 7", EPs and touring Wafflehouse* finally finished their first full length on Forge Again Records who also released their Split with Fordirelifesake. But Wafflehouse* and Fordirelifesake haven't that much... [read more]

Waking Kills The Dream - Depending On Tommorow
After Dead Blue Sky the next band with Kevin Byers, the ex-vocalist of Morning Again. Waking Kills The Dream was founded by Matt of 12 Tribes and Kevin in the beginning of 2002 and since than they had a lot of line-up changes, even the current... [read more]

Walk The Plank - s/t
Harr Harr - this band is taking no prisoners. Walk The Plank brings the pirate jokes to the next level. Every bandmember has his pirate alter ego and every song title has something to do with sailing, the seven seas and wrecking ships. The... [read more]

Walls Of Jericho - All Hail The Dead
It's finally done after exactly four years and their highly-acclaimed first album "The Bound Feed The Gagged" Walls Of Jericho are back with the second album "All Hail The Dead"! Back in the days they split up because their drummer left and three of... [read more]

Ward Churchill - In A Pig's Eye
Ward Churchill (Keetoowah Band Cherokee) is a Native American activist and already released another audio book on G7 Welcoming Committee Records at the beginning 2001. I guess a lot of you don't know this guys, he's a Professor of Ethnic Studies and... [read more]

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