Ultimate Fakebook - Open Up And Say Awesome
Nice pop melodies, smooth ballads and a rocking edge! That's the stuff of your dreams and the main elements of Ultimate Fakebook songs! Back from major they show you twelve of their best songs! Every song got its own identity, pop-punk smasher take... [read more]

Under Siege - After The Flood
Old fellows on the run again, the Max Rebo Kids that released one album and 7" with Let It Burn and Blockbust Records are back with a new name! Since they changed their musical style a bit they thought it would be time for a new name and changed it... [read more]

Under Siege - Days Of Dying Moments
Wow, i'm impressed. This record is an angry bastard. I have to admit i was never that much into Under Siege but the record they deliver here has changed my mind. Yes it may be metallic hardcore but it's angry and Henning's voice makes the music... [read more]

Under Siege/A Traitor Like Judas - Ten Angry Men Split
The angry men are presenting their imagination of modern hardcore! The first five tracks on this split is owned by Under Siege who recently released their second full-length with Let It Burn Records. They open with "At The End Of All Days" which... [read more]

Unearth - Endless
After several problems these four songs of Unearth are finally available. First of all that should be a split with Liar but through the split up of Alveran and Liar these songs turned into a fabulous EP. Three completely new songs and the original... [read more]

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