Tang - This Quietness Booms About On The Walls Like...
Tang are like their label from France that should be known from the vinyl of Burn Hollywood Burn's "It Shouts And Sings With Life...". Tang are the second release and go into a totally different direction and present on their debut album aggressive... [read more]

Target Nevada - No, We Don't Want To Play Your Shitty Fest
Well I haven't heard a lot good from the Florida scene within the last year, of course the popular bands like Until The End or especially Remembering Never released great shit but Target Nevada are new to me and so damned good! Hailing from the... [read more]

Teamkiller - Some Scars, Some Hope
Teamkiller is Stuttgart's new infant prodigy, since Sidekick broke up, the town searched for new hereos and immediately found them in the band that features former Sidekick and Absidia members who formed this New York hardcore clone somewhen in... [read more]

Tears Of Blood - Death Shall Rise
Damned the Ruhrpott is back... Tears Of Blood with their very first release and for a demo tape it's already very good! Mid-tempo metallic Hardcore in the vein of Unbroken's "Life. Love. Regret" with some tough-guy influences! They mix these... [read more]

Tears Of Gaia/Statement/Extinguish - Split
Triple vegan straight edge attack! This is an international corporation of vegan straight edge bands on one little handy 7". The first one is Tears Of Gaia from the USA with their song "Burning Empires" which is a really great song and the only... [read more]

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