Saving Throw - We're Never On Good Terms With The Light
Five guys from Syracuse with their second EP which is in Europe out on Let It Burn and in the US on Blatherskyte Records. I really can't understand why these guys don't get more attention, they play finest emotion-driven melodic hardcore with the... [read more]

Saw Throat - Inde$troy
This is the CD resissue of the LP "Inde$troy" that has been released 1989 by the long-dead Manic Ear Records. Saw Throat features members of Sore Throat and Doom playing just one long song! The first seven minutes of this record are kinda annoying... [read more]

Scars Of Tomorrow - Design Your Fate
Finally Scars Of Tomorrow's debut made it to Europe, it was already released back in 2003 by Thorp Records and after their recent second album which came out on Victory Records, Let It Burn releases "Design Your Fate" in Europe! When I reviewed... [read more]

Scars Of Tomorrow - Rope Tied To The Trigger
Yessss!! This is the second brutal powerhouse that joins forces with Victory to punish the world in 2004! The Premontions Of War hit hard and was already one of surprises this year but Scars Of Tomorrow aren't friendlier in any way! This Orange... [read more]

Scars Of Tomorrow - The Horror of Realization
"The Horror of Realization" is definitely an album I'm waiting since Victory announced the follow-up to last year's "Rope Tied To Trigger" which was just a punch in your face. I was also a little bit afraid to listen to their new album since I... [read more]

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