Radical Attack - Demo 2003
Another great Demo that has taken a long way over the big ocean to my home. xRadical Attackx are from Quebec/Canada and through the x's you recognized that they are a straight edge band and they take this pretty serious! When I look at the rest of... [read more]

Rag Men - s/t
Rag Men could be easily called an all-star band with members that currently also play in Madball and Merauder and ex-members of Earth Crisis and Hatebreed! This time Gangstyle Records handles only the European release and the American version will... [read more]

Raksasas - Bleed For What It Is Worth
I'm really happy that Raksasas finally put out their record because they had a lot of problems finding a label which release their full length whereat I can't understand the amount of Europena labels because Raksasas is one of the better German... [read more]

Ramallah - ...But A Whimper
This is the new project of "White Trash Rob" the main man behind Blood For Blood and Sinners & Saints. In Ramallah he is handling the vocals and all guitars, Neal (Blood For Blood's new drummer) played drums here and Jacob Bannon of Converge also... [read more]

Ramallah - Kill A Celebrity
Oh, I was really, really looking forward to Ramallah's first full length album, the follower to their highly-acclaimed EP "...But A Whimper" which was a true revelation for passionated hardcore. I read a few reviews before I actually listened to the... [read more]

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