Pain In The Ass - Spain
What should I write about that? This is the "Hardcore"-project of the German crossover-band Such A Surge. And this looks really funny to me! This is straight forward played "look-a-like-hardcore" with some breaks and emotional parts which bores me... [read more]

Paint The Town Red - Last Gang In Town
A lot of people told me about their great abilities as a Live-band but I've never seen them so I was really looking forward to hear their debut release. The algebraic sign promised something good, the former singer of My Hero Died Today throws in... [read more]

Paint The Town Red - Pt. II Home Is Where The Hate Is
That's it the first album of Munich's Paint The Town Red, after recruting new drummer Nanouk (ex- Costa's Cake House, A Thin Red Line) and Marco Kräger on second guitar (Flywatter) and they really did a step forward. The recent split EP with Rise... [read more]

Paint The Town Red/Rise And Fall - Split
Originally Paint The Town Red wanted to release a split with Since By Man last year but since they couldn't tour last year in Europe they weren't able to record the songs for the planned split so German's PTTR hooked up with the Belgian band Rise... [read more]

Pale - How To Survive Chance
I only know the first full length of Pale "Another Smart Move". When that record was released I've also seen them the last time live! A lot of things changed through the year, that's for sure. After one year of constant touring through Europe and... [read more]

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