O Inimigo - Cada Um Em Dois
Liberation discovers the paths of different music-styles and I guess it's just through the Point Of No Return connection because current PONR member also play in O Inimigo! These guys are doing laid-back punkrock and have nothing to do with... [read more]

Oak - Never Seen You Grow...
I never had the chance to watch Oak live but since I've heard these five songs I have to pick them up next time! This band fucking burns...heavyweight wall of sounds, Swedish styled riffing, angry screamed/shouted vocals and hammering grooves are... [read more]

Oath - Deaf Ears Japan Tour 2002
Like the title says this is a special and limited tour edition. This record contains the songs of their self-titled 9" and also the songs of their 7" "Trans Atlantic Thrash Terror", two compilation tracks and eight previously unreleased songs which... [read more]

Obscene Extreme - Compilation 2003
This compilation and the whole Obscene Extreme 2003 festival is dedicated to David Rairan, guitarist of Columbian grind/death band Purulent who died on June 1st, 2003. Most of the current Obscene bands took part as well as some of the best... [read more]

Odyssey - Fighters
Now and then the European hardcore scene seems to be pinned down and the support through all the big labels can't obscure the fact that their aren't many innovations nowadays. Well, Odyssey aren't a band of innovations, but this is old school... [read more]

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