Naglfar - Pariah
Naglfar need just a 50 seconds long introduction entitled "Proclamation" to start their furious thunderstorm of driving drumming and razorsharp guitar riffs! I was afraid about the vocal position 'cause their vocalist left the band and bassist... [read more]

Naglfar - Sheol
When I heard that Naglfar will release their new album I couldn't await it and this was already in the summer of 2002, the album was delayed many times but it's finally done and comes out again on New Hawen Records (a division of Century Media).... [read more]

Naiad - Hardcore Emotion
Naiad is the first Japanese band on Goodlife Records and offer their first EP here. The title seems to be a little bit pathetic but it reflects the bands attitude and passion for the music they are doing. The first song starts with an electronically... [read more]

Naj One - Foeknawledge: Destroy Babylon
This is a quite special record, since I already reviewed ambient tunes for silentstagnation today is the day for the first hip hop records brought to you by New Eden Records, the California based vegan straight edge label. Well Naj One is a punk... [read more]

NAOP - Hard To Deny
Again a hard hitting hardcore band on Gangstyle Records and NAOP (Noisy Act Of Protest) are around for 16 years now. But don't think those guys play lame grandfather hardcore, they took fast hardcore punk from the early days into the present and... [read more]

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