M.O.T.U. - Never Stop Cutting Off Heads
Markus just left Absidia and here is already his new band, whereat in M.O.T.U. (Masters Of The Universe) he plays drums. The cover promises nothing good because it shows how the head of George W. Bush is cutted off and also between one song is a... [read more]

Machinemade God - The Infinity Complex
I don't know where all these so-called metalcore bands are coming from and how they immediately sign deals with one of the biggest independent labels in metal. Last year it was Neaera and in 2006 Germany's Machinemade God hook up with Metal Blade... [read more]

Madball - N.Y.H.C.
Madball are back while only Freddy Cricien and Hoya Roc are left from the line-up at the end of 2000 when they broke up! New are Mitts on guitar (Skarhead, Rag Men) and Rigg Ross (Skarhead, ex-Hatebreed) at the drums. Madball present three brand-new... [read more]

Madcap - Under Suspicion
Victory is already enticing great rock bands from their home labels...Madcap released two albums with the well-known label Sideonedummy Records but for their third full-length they moved on to Victory Records. To me they are pretty new but the band... [read more]

Maggat - The Consulation Hours
On this MiniLP Maggat banned their last 6 songs ever! Maggat are no more and this is their testament. The songs are rougher than the other previously released things. Intense rocking and emotional Hardcore is the key. You can't exactly associate... [read more]

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