Labyrinth - s/t
Although Italian's Labyrinth are around for over 10 years I never heard any of their albums before, I guess one reason for this might be that they are playing something that could be described as melodic/power/speed metal! They already released... [read more]

Lack - Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs
New band on Nova Recordings from Denmark and everybody should thank Nikita that he released this record. Lack are combining the many faces of modern hardcore in a great way! Perhaps you can call it new school but that wouldn't name it exactly.... [read more]

Last Hours Of Torment - Downfall Of Man
The first time I saw the cover of this CD I was immediately reminded of Prayer For Cleansing and the cover of their album "The Rain In Endless Fall". Also the band and album-title of those English guys doesn't promise anything good! Last Hours Of... [read more]

Last Perfection - Drawing Conclusions
Last Perfection totally blew me away with their debut "Violent Solutions For A Violent World" which came out sometime in 2003, superb metalcore with a truely unique edge. A lot of people don't want to be associated with metalcore anymore, but it's... [read more]

Last Perfection - Violent Solutions For A Violent World
I guess I wrote that often before but Last Perfection and United Edge Records are again a totally unknown band and label for me! But what the hell is this? It's so amazing stuff! It already starts with the layout, it shows just two hands holding a... [read more]

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