Kafka - The Will
"L'integrità, la purezza, se si vuole, sono un effetto della volontá e d'una volontá che non si deve mai fermare" or "Integrity, purity if you want, are an effect of a will, and a will that must never stop" are the full titles of Kafka's... [read more]

Kalibas - Product Of Hard Living
Fast grinding metal madness from Rochester's finest! The debut full length from Kalibas with a speedy and powerful attack. Jason/Willowtip proved again his good nose for blasting and innovative metal in its extremist mutation! But part-wise also the... [read more]

Kalmah - Swampsong
After the new Nightrage I thought that they presented me the best melodic death metal album this year but what Kalmah are doing on their already third album is just breathtaking! First of all, if you ever liked melodic death metal buy this album or... [read more]

Kaospilot - s/t
Scandinavia is not only the best source for excellent metal bands like at the gates, in flames and so on, no Scandinavia is also a pool of very great an innovative hardcore bands! After such heroes like Jr Ewing now Kaospilot and they are playing a... [read more]

Kaospilot - s/t
Yeah, after tons of 7" Kaospilot finally finished their first full length and I was very excited when it arrived here. The first thing that attracted my eyes were the layout and the packaging because it's a kinda digipak but not the usual stuff... [read more]

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