I Defy - The Firing Line
I always read good reviews about I Defy but I've never heard the band nor saw them live... The first time I listened to this record I just thought that I know the voice of the singer but I didn't know why. When I started reading the label... [read more]

I Shot Cyrus - Tiranus
After the metalcore attacks on Liberation Records it's time for some thrashing hardcore! First of all I have to mention the cd-cover that I really like, it shows the American flag in the background and Ku-Klux Clan members in their white clothes... [read more]

Ignite - Our Darkest Days
I actually wasn't interested in reviewing this album, to be honest I was a fan of Ignite in the past but I haven't heard something of them for such a long time and a new album at that time just didn't appeal to me. On an other note Century Media... [read more]

Imbroco - Are You My Lionkiller?
Imbroco's memberlist sounds like the who-is-who of the Midwest Emoscene. Scott McCarver (ex-Mineral), Gabe Wiley (Pop Unknown, ex-Mineral), Matt Breedlove (Pop Unknown) und Rory Phillips (The Impossibles, ex-The Stereo) decided to get together and... [read more]

Impaled - Death After Life
While the last Impaled album was handled by Necropolis Records, who has a distribution deal with Century Media Records this time Century Media take over the band and offers Impaled's newest step into the gorest depth of medical metal "Death After... [read more]

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