Haeresis - s/t
The people who know me better know that I'm really into everything that got a big metal edge and Haeresis satisfy my need after Melodic Death Metal! The band members are from Switzerland and France and this is their first release and it was also... [read more]

Hamartia - To Play The Part
It's a hard thing to release a record of an already dead band and if Goodlife Records puts out the first album of Hamartia, a band that breakup sometime ago it must be a quite good record! The members went to Bury Your Dead, Misery Signals and With... [read more]

Hand To Hand - A Perfect Way To Say Goodbye
Well I started listening to Hand To Hand's debut album "A Perfect Way To Say Goodbye" and was soon impressed by their mixture of crunchy riffs, angry screams, clean singing and melodic rock. Then I also read that a former As Friends Rust belongs to... [read more]

Handsfallopen - s/t
Handsfallopen mix a lot of different influences and styles. Most of the time their music is very melancholy, sometimes very quiet and soft! Only a few seconds later it's rough and fast again. Nevertheless, it seems like they haven't found their own... [read more]

Harakiri - Twilight Of The Idols
After their first album "Reverence for Madness" and the EP "Virtuous Symptoms" Harakiri spit out ten songs of destructive metal to form it to the brutal unit of "Twilight of the Idols"! This is one of the most innovative so-called death metal... [read more]

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