Gadget - Remote
Including members of Diskonto these Swedish grind machine plays music in the vein of Nasum or Regurgitate, which means fast and metallic grind-core! They firstly appeared on a Split with Exhumed, on the Polargrinder and Swedish Assault Compilation... [read more]

Gadget - The Funeral March
I guess a lot of you like myself miss Nasum and their furious angry grindcore. With their second album "The Funeral March" Gadget are finally back on the map to fill those shoes! I really loved Gadget's debut album but the new effort is even more... [read more]

Garrison - The Silhouette
It's a long time ago since I listened to Garrison the last time and I was very surprised while listening to this EP because I thought their style was smoother back in the days. Especially the first song "Come On Die Young" is a straight hardcore... [read more]

Gather - Total Liberation
On November 29th New Eden Records releases the Seven Generations / Gather "Split" 7" and its definitely the right time to finally review Gather's debut 7" on New Eden featuring five hardcore smashers the way I haven't heard them for a long while.... [read more]

Genocide Superstars - Superstar Destroyer
Some years ago I received Genocide Superstars' first album "Hail The New Storm" (when the band still called theirselves Genocide SS) and god I really hated it! But it's always nice to see how a band could develope their music and how wrong I've been... [read more]

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