Face The Fact - Romeo And Juliet Are Not Dead
Since their last EP Face The Fact changed their style into heavily metal-influenced hardcore and left out any old styled hardcore parts that they played in the past. Also on that record they are introduced by a weird track where a woman is speaking... [read more]

Face The Fact - The Safeplace
Bands like Dehumanize proved that Roma is no place for Emo-kids and Face the Fact goes on with that tradition. The record begins with a weird electronically noise and I was really shocked at the first time but lately after 60 seconds everything... [read more]

Facebreaker - Bloodred Hell
Oh after some raging black metal Rage Of Achilles offers another brutal record but this time it goes into the melodic death metal direction. I guess a lot of you will say: Oh not another melodic death metal band and my reaction was the same but... [read more]

Fall Behind - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Here we have the third release of the new founded polish label Lifeline Records. Not to be confused with the Lifeline Records that did the Modern Life Is War 7". Lifeline records released six records on one day among them rereleases of... [read more]

Fall Of A Season - After The Last Breath...
This records accomplishes every characteristic a good German metalcore record needs, it was recorded at Rape Of Harmonies where also Heaven Shall Burn or Maroon recorded and it was of coursed mixed by PW Engel! The really cool layout was done by... [read more]

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