Eastpak's Pro Punkrocker - Compilation 03
The third part of the Pro Punkrocker Series and this time you get not only a CD, you'll also get a full DVD with videos of several punk and emo bands. The CD features 25 bands with 25 songs, here are they actors: The Bronx, Encore, Maxeen, Raskop... [read more]

Eden Maine - The Treachery Pact
This record just can't be bad. The overwhelming facts of this record must be a sign of quality! These 5 songs were mixed and produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge guitarist) and the cover was done by Puddnhead (designed Grade's "Headfirst Straight To... [read more]

Eighteen Visions - Best Of
No, it's not really a "Best Of" CD and Eighteen Visions didn't disband, this is just a compilation of their two records they've released before they get signed to Trustkill Records and a few more goodies. This CD contains three songs from their "No... [read more]

Eighteen Visions - Vanity
This album already saw the light of the day exactly two years ago, Trustkill Records released it August 13, 2002 and now Roadrunner Records unleashes the new edition with the bonus video "You Broke Like Glass". On this album Bleeding Through... [read more]

Elemae - Sleeping With Adrenaline/Science Kit
Just one new track by Elemae on the A-Side "Sleeping with Adrenaline", on the B-Side is "Science Kit" which was also on their full length "Life To Be Denied"! These five kids from the States play great alternative rock mixed with a pop sensibility... [read more]

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