Dag Nasty - Minority Of One
I never dreamed of that Dag Nasty come together again to release a new album! But it became true and here is their full length after more that 10 years of abstinence. Yeah their last songs were recorded in late 1991! In 2002 they did a blistering... [read more]

Damage Control - Can't Keep Us Down
Hailing from Oslo, Norway Damage Control set up with Germany's best and well-known Old School Hardcore label to present you their first EP with eight songs! And not only the best metal acts come from Scandinavia also some of the best Hardcore acts.... [read more]

Damnation A.D. - Kingdom Of Lost Souls
This is the review of what I would call a milestone. This record isn´t new for all you guys who have never heard of this band. It was released in 1998 and I have to tell you one thing in the first place to make everything clear. This record is... [read more]

Danse Macabre - Die Kritik ist keine Leidenschaft des Kopfes
First release of Danse Macabre and the first time I've saw them, was together with Angstzustand and at that time they were good but much to chaotic and hectic for me but on this small 7" their sound is much cleaner and the songs seem to be more... [read more]

Dark Day Dungeon - By Blood Undone
I really had big expectations for Dark Day Dungeon's album since their debut album "Know Your Enemy" was a true statement of brutality and anger but with "By Blood Undone" they exceed all of my expectations! Since today's metalcore bands start to... [read more]

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