Cable Car Theory - Fables And Fictions...
Cable Car Theory are one of that very special hardcore bands, the first time I saw them live was anytime in 1998/1999, I don't know exactly but musically they left a remaining impression because already at this time they knew how to express all... [read more]

Cable Car Theory - The Destruction
The second full length of The Cable Car Theory and the Vinyl one is again done by Rockemotions, CD-version is released in Germany by Defiance. If you like the available Cable Car Theory releases I'm sure this is something for you. The guys are... [read more]

Cable Car Theory/Realign - Split
This record is already two years old but by no means too old. Three songs of The Cable Car Theory and two songs by Realign and what should I say this 7" fucking rocks. CCT are starting with their familiar sound, fast old school like parts with some... [read more]

Caliban - A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
All you Metalcore-freaks out there will know Caliban from their first EP which was released in 1998 by Lifeforce and this is their first album which is introduced by a short classically music track. Sounds very nice but what I hear after that is... [read more]

Caliban - Shawdow Hearts
Lifeforce has already done a lot of promotion for this new release but I had mixed feeling but since I've heard the two-song Promo-CD I knew that Caliban are back on track, stronger and better than ever! Their last album "Vent" was good but really... [read more]

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