Ba'al - The Lilith Complex
Ba'al only need 16 seconds to warm up till they start to mosh with "Surveillance Camera Players" and it's good! Yeah I heard many bad things about the band till now but they really suprise with steamroller metalcore and a significant melodic metal... [read more]

Backfire! - Change The Game
I Scream Records is conquered by former Lost & Found Records bands and Backfire! it the next addition of those bands who also released an album on Kingfisher Records back in 1997. "Change The Game" is already the third release of Backfire on I... [read more]

Backyard Babies - Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris
Ok i'll be mean. But the name of Backyard Babies' record is what you get. I think i'll get a "Tinnitus" when I listen too much to this record. The first songs still sounded promising but I have to admit the chorus really caught my... [read more]

Bayside - Sirens And Condolences
The Bayside rockers formed their band 2001 in Bayside, New York and now you already know where the band name is from. Victory is also known for some good rocking tunes and so Bayside fit quite well to their roster. With their brand of laid back and... [read more]

Beaten Back To Pure - Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches
Ok, the formalities are that this is the second album of Beaten Back To Pure and they are from the southern part of the US but what the hell is this? This guys are rocking so much that it's just unbelievable and I can't understand that they haven't... [read more]

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