A Case Of Grenada - The Evidence
I think this is the first non-emo release on Redfield Records and it's cool with me 'cause the German A Case Of Grenada are here with their first aggressive output! A Case Of Grenada supposed to release a Split-CD with the US-band Redfield but since... [read more]

A Death For Every Sin - In A Time Where Hope Is Lost
Well this young Canadian band here with their sophomore effort, after their highly acclaimed "God's Final Descent" EP last year, they can't really fulfill my expectations. They sound too much like Hatebreed or even more 100 Demons at times, but in... [read more]

A Javelin Reign - Wrath Of The Rice Cooker
This Vancouver (BC, Canada) band is the latest addition to the great Lovelost Records roster, their latest release One Dead Three Wounded was already released by Burning Season Records in Europe and A Javelin Reign are another extraordinary band.... [read more]

A Life Once Lost - A Great Artist
Hey A Life Once Lost made a big progression from their last EP to this full-length, I mean I expected their brutal metalcore like on "The Fourth Plague Flies". But what they've insinuated there they fully present on "A Great Artist" because they... [read more]

A Moments Loss - American Death Poem
Here comes a band from Reno, Nevada that is very unknown but I'm sure that will change within the next time. They already release one DIY-CD in 2001 but since that their vocalist left and the guitar and bass player took over the vocal duties and... [read more]

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