108 - Creation.Sustenance.Destruction.
When Equal Vision Records announced the release of a 108 discography I was more than just happy! Their last album "Threefold Misery" went out of print long time ago and back in the days I missed to buy this masterpiece. As I listened to this album... [read more]

7 Seconds - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over
It's all true, 7 Seconds are back! Four years after their last album the punkrockers 7 Seconds return with their album that was announced to be released March 2005! In the US it'll still take 5 months to be released but the album will be released at... [read more]

25 Ta Life - Best Of Friends/Enemies
Our Hommie Rick Healey better known as the front man of 25 Ta Life and Commin Correct is back with a completely new line-up and another eight song record the hardcore-world waited for! No seriously it's even worse than the last efforts of them and... [read more]

4 Dear Life Corporation/Never Was/Against - Split
Three bands and three labels joined forces for this 3-way Split called "Think Try" beside the Italian Hurry Up, Freedumb and Common Bond Records hookep up with two Italian and one Australian band. This is also the reason for the corporation with... [read more]

16 - Zoloft Smile
The next addition of the Bastardized Recordings release offensive, after the highly acclaimed Japanische Kampfhörspiele album they present 16 with "Zoloft Smile". The US CD-version will be done by At A Loss Recordings and Bastardized handles... [read more]

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