Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone
They are finally back after the struggle with finding a new label they hooked up with Century Media Records for their third full lengths while Lifeforce still handles the vinyl release! They are continuing with the progression that was already... [read more]

Heaven Shall Burn - Deaf To Our Prayers
Finally the next album by the Germany's almighty metalcore machine, although I didn't like their previous album and Century Media Records debut "Antigone" like the even older stuff I was still looking forward to listen to "Deaf To Our Prayers".... [read more]

Heaven Shall Burn - In Battle...
For all who can't wait till the next Heaven Shall Burn album this is the right teaser, the metal machine is back with twelve blistering songs of their early days. It contains the "In Battle..." MCD that is sold out for years and additionally the CD... [read more]

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