Shy long-time drug addict Christof Kather, who had always suffered from severe psychotic tendencies, met Klaus Nicodem back in 1998. Since then they have been known as Japanische Kampfhörspiele. In the 2 years prior to the foundation of JaKa...[read more]

In two short years time Nile has established itself as a potent musical entity so vital and massive that they live up to the stature of the river from which they take their name. With just one record, a few EP's and one world tour under their belt,...[read more]

Poostew was founded in 2003 by vocalist Christian Veltmann (former member of Hatemate), guitarist Paul Haus and drummer Guido Panrek (former member of Vlad Tepez). Later on Thomas Schindler joined on second guitar and Tim Boersting joined on...[read more]

Relapse Records is proud to bring you the new release from death metal legends Suffocation, entitled Souls To Deny. Suffocation, (Frank Mullen - vocals, Terrance Hobbs - guitar, Guy Marchais - guitar, Derek Boyer - bass, Mike Smith - drums) one of...[read more]

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