[2006/11/09] Daymares (ex-Sunrise) sign w/ Selfmadegod Records
Daymares, Warsaw's Death'n'Roll machine consisting of 3 members of Sunrise, are working together with polish label Selfmadegod Records for the release of their first record.

Here's what the band has to say:
"We are pretty much siked to let you know that we've found a label which will put our first record out. This is Self Made God which takes all the risks involved. For those who are not familiar with the name, it's stable and hardworking Polish undergound label focused on extreme music. Check their website: www.selfmadegod.com The dude digs our stuff a lot and hopefully all will go smooth and our record will make its way to the outside world around early spring 2007. We should hit the studio this winter to record all the stuff that we are busy with right now, writing and practising like crazy. Shit goes pretty smooth, twins come up with ideas one after another, so the set will be ready to record pretty soon. We should stay in cold, windy and mostly rainy Warsaw most of the winter, playing maybe a show or a couple. First, we need to take care of the record decently and second, winter drives suck big time. Expect us on the road, once the record is out. You can't get enough of ours then. That was it. Peace to ya'll."

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