[2006/11/02] Bloodlined Calligraphy with new vocalist
Bloodlined Calligraphy found a replacement for singer Ally French in Ellen Hoffman, here's the band's statement:

"We have a pretty big announcement to make. First off let me say thank you to eveyone that wrote us and asked to tryout and actually did tryout for the position of vocalist. I especially wanna send a big thanks out to Jeff and Birdmoney for holding it down on the Sworn Enemy tour. Without you guys we would have never been able to get through that week of shows.

Now on to the announcement. We are very happy to welcome Ellen Hoffman into the BLC family! Shes awesome and shes a perfect fit for BLC. We are gonna spend the next few weeks getting everything perfect and then we will have some very cool things to announce touring wise. So when we come to your town (which will be soon) show her some love!"

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