[2006/11/01] Instil recruit new guitarist
Instil found a fill-in for the vacant guitarist position with Wouter Jillings (ex- Escadron).

The band commented:
"Thanks to everyone for showing so much enthusiasm and interest in the guitar auditions. It was not by any means an easy decision to make. After the departure of Jaap and Joop we couldn't find a good guitarist listening to the name of Jeep or Jiip but we have been fortunate to find in our opinion one of the best unrecognized metal guitarists from the north, Wouter Jillings. Wouter is formerly of the band Escadron, death/thrash youngsters from Friesland."

Wouter said:
"I'm proud that I am now part of Instil. After a few practise sessions it was obvious that these guys are very talented and professional but also have their sarcastic sick humour so this is the right band for me. They have it all. The guys make me feel welcome and also my girlfriend supports me in this new adventure. It's not an easy job to replace Joop but the feeling is right. Actually we're inspired that much that we already write new songs together. I can't wait for the first show to get on stage. See you there!"

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