[2006/10/13] Drummer leaves Hell Within, seek replacement
Drummer Brian "Bubba" Joyce left Hell Within due to personal reasons, the band is seeking a replacement, their statement takes shape as follows:

"After 8 years, hundreds of shows, countless bags of weed and enough empty beer bottles to fill the Tsongas arena, drummer Brian "Bubba" Joyce and Hell Within have amicably parted ways. There are no hard feelings, and we wish Brian all the luck in the world on his future endeavors. It was a blast having him in the band; we shared some really great times with him, but he has taken a permanent personal leave. We're all still the best of friends and we'll all hang from time to time. Brian will be performing the last 2 shows we have booked this month. So get your asses out to the shows and say goodbye to a friend and a brother with us. We are now looking for a kickass new dummer to enter the fold.

Here are the must haves:
- Must be 21+
- Must be able to tour
- Must be completely dedicated to their drums and the band
- Must be able to work in a group situation
- Must be able and ready to record already written new Hell Within album
- Must have a valid driver's license and be able to acquire a U.S passport

Anyone interested, please email tony@hellwithin.com. Let's see what you guys got!"

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