01. Funeral Inception
Endemicy - Enthrall the underworld
Pervade the bodies once their souls have gone astray
Gravitation - Await the birth of death
Despair is nurtured in the womb of annihilation
Your god is the epitome of my doings
Unaware and unable he is forsaken
Nullify - Abrupt and merciless
Deep-seated hatred from the beginning of time
Eternity has passed and the world's been cast away
Abdication - The throne has turned to dust
Skies are fading from the darkness as it rapes the land
Terminal is he who spectates from above this all
Your god is the epitome of my doings
No one is spared from the funeral inception
God forbid
God forbidden
Scourged then condemned
Pleading for your life and the abandonment of what's to come
Plagued then erased
Inhaled into the lungs of your extinction
Faith in the heavens has shattered
Broken pieces fall from the sky

all lyrics © Suffocation
Suffocation - Despise The Sun
Band: Suffocation
Album: Despise The Sun

01. Funeral Inception
02. Devoid Of Truth
03. Despise The Sun
04. Bloodchurn
05. Catatonia (Grind Mix)
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