Band Album Release
Damnation A.D. Kingdom Of Lost Souls 1998
Damnation A.D. No More Dreams Of Happy Endings 1995
Dark Day Dungeon Know Your Enemy 2002
Dark Day Dungeon Let The Sin Begin 2002
Dark Tranquillity Character 2005
Darkest Hour Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation 2003
Darkest Hour So Sedated So Secure 2001
Darkest Hour The Mark of the Judas 2001
Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin 2005
Darkest Hour/Dawncore Where Heroes Go To Die 2001
Daughters Canada Songs (EU) 2004
Dead Hearts No Love, No Hope 2005
Dead To Fall Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces 2002
Dead To Fall Villainy And Virtue 2004
Deadlock Earth.Revolt 2005
Deadlock I'll Wake You When Spring Awakes 2000
Deadlock s/t 1999
Deadlock The Arrival 2002
Despised Icon The Healing Process 2005
Destiny The Tracy Chapter 2004

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