01. The Hunt And Beyond
hang the cross, bare the horn
code of conflict called to scorn
committing closer, the flame is safe
to treading victims at a settled pace
long lost logic
the word is written but never spoke
be it silent, be it still
sterile bone from cynics kill
master of mayhem, baron to bar
forward arrival to hedon's alarm
beg or pray
protect corruption, the firm of rule
an order held with passions fuel
consume in access, iniquities cold
abiding incursion for our souls
long lost lure
law is written but never spoke
will any of us make it out alive
conquer, collapse
the hunt and beyond
the hunt is on
stay silent, stay still
they're listening, they listen

all lyrics © I Am The Thorn
I Am The Thorn - You Are The Lamb
Band: I Am The Thorn
Album: You Are The Lamb

01. The Hunt And Beyond
02. Becoming Death
03. Cutman
04. As The Night Rises
05. Crawling Over Them
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