01. Kingdom Of Lost Souls
you'll never have to say a word your thoughts were
already heard eternity of guilt in the prison you built starts
with worlds torn apart and the blood in your heart burns
like fire from a sun light years away from what you've done
in church spirit and mind are you sure where your soul will go
but think a little more do you really want to know live by the truth
or by lies instead the only thing to fear is the life you've led
the sky grew dark tonight morning will not bring light you grasp
closing your hands slipping through the sand falling grain by grain
you move to the next plane and deafening sounds only you will
hear when you know your time is near you want to see the other
side you want to know what it's like can you face the truth i want
to know you're running out of time you're out of breath life running
from death.

all lyrics © Damnation A.D.
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