Becoming The Archetype Abacus Recordings recently licensed a bunch of Solid State releases for the European market including the new record by Becoming The Archetype. When I heard their record the first I was totally excited and wanted to ask the band tons of questions. Guitarist Seth was so kind and answered all of my questions within a few hours, so you're able to read them already 2005!
Well first of all I have to ask a questios you might often have to answer but why did you call your band "Becoming The Archetype"?
All the members of the band have personally met Jesus Christ and because of that, we all strive to become like Him. He was the archetype for humanity and we, as His followers, want to keep becoming better humans until we truly have the mindset that Christ had. Our lives are all about Becoming The Archetype: modeling our lives after Jesus' perfection, and working to become an archetype musically (an archetype is a prototype or original model; the thing everything else ismodeled after).

You are working with three guitarists which aren't doing many other bands, do you thinks it's an tremendous advantage to create your own sound?
Yes, we do love having three guitarists and the freedom that allows us to write multiple harmonies for our four string players (three guitars and one bass). We don't like music that involves one guitarist playing power chords and boring singing over the music. We really want to create music that stands on its own so that vocals are an added benefit instead of the main focus. Three guitarists helps us do that and we're excited to be able to utilize all that ability in our band. Having three guitars also lets me, Count Seth (guitar/keyboard), play keyboard and still have two guitarists behind me. There's a lot of freedom for creativity with our lineup.

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