Poostew I bought a T-Shirt by these guys and got in contact with their vocalist Chris, after tons of e-mails we finally decided that we should do an interview. Here we are with a long-termed dialog about the depths of Poostew.
Why are you writing your lyrics in English instead of German?
Why are we doing this interview in english? We do so because we want to reach as many people as possible. This is the reason why i decided to write my lyrics in english. I get through to more people, due to the fact that the major part of listeners is able to undestand english.

Sure, but why did you gave one song of the album a German title while the lyrics are still in English?
Due to the fact that the english word "abortionist" would not be the same as "Engelmacherin". The english word can not discrip the german relevance.

Do you have a basical lyrical theme you like to write about or how do your lyrics come into being?
My lyrics are my personal view on society, things you dislike and see day by day. They basically are connected to politics and religion and their abuse of power. I think that to many people accept life as it is and forbear from thinking because they are just to lazy.

As you said your lyrics are you personal view on society, do you think it's important to bring back some worthwile lyrics to the grind genre because a lot of bands are just "singing" about bullshit?
I would not write any lyrics if i dont expect people to read them. And as soon as people read them - they want to read something rich in content. Its great if even one person reads my lyrics and find out that they mean something to him. Gore or Porno Grind lyrics are total nonsense, i think its even better to write no lyrics instead of those.

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