Children Of Gaia Within a really short time Children Of Gaia became to one of the best metalcore bands hailing from Southern America. Passionated, angry to the bone and with a clear message.
Who should bleed that you even pray for it?
Well, if you think about it for a few minutes, if you look around the world, if you turn on the news channel you'll probably get what we're saying in that lyric, I mean, a lot of people deserve to bleed, think of the people who are making huge profits exploiting innocent workers, exploiting the animals, destroying our planet, so on and so forth, these kind of people are responsible for our world's collapse, the economy collapse, the failure of our mankind, wouldn't you agree too? It's not like I actually pray to watch them to bleed, but I have a sense of justice and it tells me that certain things are wrong, some things are really unbearable. It's also "dedicated" to all the motherfuckers who enjoy saying shit on message boards, spreading lies and deceiving people, the envious ones too.

You're straight edge, do you think the whole rest of the people should die or what d you want to say with songs like "Straightedge Revenge"?
Not at all, straight edge is not an exclusive thing, our point here is to actually spread the word about straight edge, it's import to us that people actually understand this, the term revenge should be understood as a revival, a new look on straight edge rather than telling that weĆ¢??re better than them just because of the choices we made. Straight Edge is about friendship too, about commitment, about helping each other out, not about competing and acting like idiots.

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