The Wage Of Sin While they were on tour in early 2k5 i took my chance to talk to the girls from "The Wage Of Sin". They we're really kind and friendly and took alot of time and gave me some insightful answers.
you're on tour right now... how do people react to your music?
The tour's been going good so far. All the audiences have been pretty responsive and everybody who has been coming to the shows so far has been really nice so we're really excited. There hasn't been a dissappointment yet, we're getting fed every day. We had a show in Innsbruck that was a little disastrous cause people were a little too drunk so we had to stop a bunch of times. There were people jumping on the stage. There was a drunk guy that got into a fight, we had to stop 4 or 5 times but it was funny and it was good though.

what does the name "the wage of sin" stand for?
We just couldn't think of a name so we looked up on the internet something like a list of phrases and we finally had like a list of 7 phrases and so we just narrowed it down to that. We just kind of liked the whole concept. "the wage of sin" is the consequences for our actions. the price you pay for the choices you made.

What do you think about the increasing commercialisation of the hardcore movement? Do you think it's an all positive thing or do you see nonetheless see some negative side effects, like bands getting on bigger labels without having released something yet?
When i got into hardcore it was because i felt out of place in school or whatever. It was like an outlet, something different for me, something to learn about different ideas. Now it's just like you go to the mall and there's a somewhat hardcore band in your face. It's good because a lot more hardcore bands can live off of their music. But it's also bad because a lot of these bands are no longer what they stood for. There are bands that are kind of selling out the idea and so people are getting a negative view of what hardcore really is. It's just not that special anymore. Like you can just go anywhere and find out about that movement. When i got into it you had to really look for it. It's not a counterculture anymore but on the other hand I ( Rachel ) can make a living off of it so i can't really complain about that. It's nice when bands stay who they are and do what they've always been doing and can make a living off of it. Some bands that you see change in their look and their lyrics and don't take care of the bands that helped make them what they are, like those who totally write off the hardcore scene.

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